ROH - La Boheme (2013)

Plakat for filmen ROH - La Boheme (2013)

ROH - La Boheme (2013)

Premiere d. 15.01

Vi programlægger ca. en uge frem i tiden. Hold dig orienteret på hjemmesiden om kommende spilletidspunkter for filmen.

The most popular opera of all returns in one of The Royal Opera’s best loved stagings, regularly revived since its opening night in 1974 – and now being seen for the very last time. John Copley’s keen stagecraft and loving attention to period and dramatic detail make his production a masterpiece of realism, while Julia Trevelyan Oman’s designs evoke the atmosphere of 19th century Paris. Several of today’s greatest opera stars return to bid farewell to this sublime staging, notably Anna Netrebko as Mimì, and Joseph Calleja as her lover, Rodolfo. Israeli conductor Dan Ettinger conducts one of Puccini’s most emotional and melodious scores, in a revival that promises to go down in Royal Opera history.

Tirsdag 03.10.2017